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جایزه ی الکساندر ساخر ماسوخ برای واژه ها و دنیاها

نشریه ی ادبی، فرا ملیتی و چند زبانه ی “واژه ها و دنیاها” که نیز افتخار همکاری با آن را دارم، برنده جایزه ی الکساندر زاخر ماسوخ 2021 شد.

ناهید باقری – گلداشمید

Alexander Sacher Masoch prize for WORDS & WORLDS / WORTE & WELTEN

We are glad to inform our writer-colleagues and our readers that WORDS & WORLDS / WORTE & WELTEN won the prestigious Alexander Sacher Masoch prize for the year 2021.
The Prize is an annual literary award given by the Alexander Sacher Masoch Foundation to support contemporary Austrian literature.
We are grateful to the foundation and the award-jury for recognizing our project and honoring the magazine.
The Alexander Sacher Masoch Foundation bears the name of the Austrian writer Alexander von Sacher Masoch (1901-1972), a great-nephew of Leopold von Sacher Masoch.
We congratulate the editorial board of WORDS & WORLDS / WORTE & WELTEN and all other friends who have been collaborating in many different ways.
We are also thankful to our writers for enriching the magazine with their valuable contributions.